Why PTFE Insulated Wires?

PTFE Insulated WiresPTFE insulated wires and cables are manufactured by wrapping very thin layers of PTFE tape over the required conductor material. PTFE is considered one of the best insulation for wires as it can perform under extreme temperature, is non-inflammable, non-reactive, all weather wire etc. . This along with other properties make it one of the most preferred insulated wires throughout the world.

PTFE Wires Endure extreme temperature

PTFE insulated wires can tolerate extreme weather and industrial conditions with a wide range of temperature. It can endure a temperature range from -600 C to 260o C. This property of PTFE makes it suitable for larege number of applications where other types of insulated wires fail.

PTFE wires are non-flammable

Non flammability is another property of PTFE which makes it a preferred choice as insulation material for high performance insulated wires. Enduring extreme temperature along with non-flammability makes PTFE insulated wires and cables one of the safest wires throughout the world.

PTFE is hydrophobic

PTFE is hydrophobic to water or material containing water. This property makes PTFE insulated wire and cable suitable for outdoor or indoor application where there are chances of it coming in contact with water.

PTFE wires are for all weather

PTFE insulated wires has emerged as an all weather wire. Even after use of 15-20 years under different weather conditions, there has been negligible changes in its properties which makes it perfect for all the weather condition.

PTFE cables are non-reactive

PTFE is not-reactive to most of the known acids, chemicals etc. This property makes it suitable to use PTFE insulated wires in applications where there are chances of it coming in contact with this materials and pose a threat to the site. PTFE wires being non-reactive is safe to use in such conditions. It is also resistant to UV radiation.

PTFE Cables are long lasting

PTFE wires are long lasting because it is not affected by cripping or deformity over a long period of time. PTFE cables are not affected by stressing, bending or flexing and hence they are durable and cost-effective.

Other important properties which makes it one of the best insulated wired are it being suitable for a wide frequency range, have high diaelectric strength with low dissipation factor amomg others.

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